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Date Event / Races Distance(s) State / City
94 days away 
RIMACONN-Run the Greenway
August 24, 2019 RIMACONN RELAY-Run The Greenway 95-mile, 18-leg relay run on scenic multi use trails of the East Coast Greenway. Teams of 3 or 6 will begin at Pratt Dam in Lincoln R.I. and end a ...(continued)
95 Miles
Rhode Island

Not all races have been rescheduled for this year. Below is a list of additional events for Rhode Island
Date Event / Races Distance(s) State / City

Next Date

Rhode Island 6 hour Ultra and Relay
The 4th Annual RI 6 Hour is Rhode Island's ONLY ultra. Run as many laps as you can in 6 hours
6 Hours
Rhode Island

Next Date

The Newport Nifty 50 and Breakers Marathon
50 Mile
50 K
Rhode Island


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