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Catoctin 50K Trail Run

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50 K
Frederick, Maryland
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The Course:
The Catoctin 50k is an out-and-back on rocky, slow, difficult and demanding (but yet run-able) trail. Race day will be hot, the rubber on the bottom of your shoes gets really gooey hot, melt synthetic clothing hot, sweat buckets of H2O hot.... then again, it might rain bucks of water.. The summer of 1999 the temperature dropped 20 degrees on race day. If it's real Catoctin weather then it'll snow. The over abundance of rocks will be sizzling and the dirt will turn into throat choking dust. Along with the heat is the humidity. It gets, "cut it with a knife" humid. You'll feel like your swimming in the open air. No matter how acclimated you are this run demands that you carry water. In fact it's mandatory! ALL RUNNERS MUST CARRY AT LEAST ONE 20 oz WATER BOTTLE. An equipment check will be conducted prior to the start to ensure safety and fashion. The Hagerstown Almanac (which has an unnatural record for predicting race day temperatures) predicts that race day will bring us temperatures worthy of ultra lore... hot, humid, hazy, possibility of rain and frustrating. You'll curse the day they created the Catoctin Trail.

There are a couple of favorable points to this challenging yet entertaining run: (1) Shade. The course is almost entirely covered with luscious tree foliage. (2) Streams. there are several stream crossings where you can twinkle your toes in cool "beer commercial" type of mountain water and cool down. If we don't have a lot of rain and it's a hot summer the streams will wither up and dry and will tease you with the thought of what they once were. If rains hard during the race (2001) then the trail becomes a major water way and it's... hello, where did I put my goggles.

Since this is an out and back on an established trail and has been permanently blazed with light blue blazes on a fair number of trees. The trail will not be marked with the customary engineering ribbons or chalk. No trail maps or orienteering seminars will be conducted. Simply follow the runner in front of you. This should work as long as they don't get lost or take a wrong turn.

Once you reach the half way point its simply a matter of turning around and retracing your steps and facing the hill back up to Rick's overlook and on to the finish line. Getting lost is always possible but let's hope for the best. Sixty percent of the runners get off course at least once. This course will penalize any runner who runs "heads down". The Catoctin 50k trail run requires that you slow down/stop and look around at each intersection. If you think you know the way without looking around then we wish you good luck and hope your detour is minimal. If you have a habit of not following directions then please don't run. There's no search and rescue which means race management and volunteers have to cover the course and surrounding areas. This is a very unpleasant situation which makes us very "unhappy".

Course questions will be answered at the pre-race briefing. Unreasonable complaints, criticisms, and selfish attitudes will be ignored and race management and/or the appropriate volunteer will administer humility to the participant in question.


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Year: 2005     Participation


86 men competed in the 2005 Catoctin 50K Trail Run 86 (70.5%)
    Total finishers: 122


26 women competed in the 2005 Catoctin 50K Trail Run 26 (21.3%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Serge Arbona    50 K Men 4:43:56 9:10  6.55 mph 
 Heather Trainum    50 K Women 5:39:52 10:58  5.47 mph 
 Serge Arbona    50 K Masters Men 4:43:56 9:10  6.55 mph 
 Sophie Speidel    50 K  Masters Women  6:28:21 12:32  4.79 mph 
Complete 2005 Results (All Races)
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