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When to Use Energy Gels and Hydration Drinks and Can They Be Used Together?
Note: all energy gels and hydration drinks are different. This article will discuss specifically e-Gel and e-Fuel, but you can find complete information on all other gels and drinks here:
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When to Use e-Gel
e-Gel provides the perfect balance of energy and electrolytes along with amino acids and antioxidants to maximize your athletic output. The only thing missing is the water. One of the benefits of energy gels is that they are light and compact so you can easily carry your energy and electrolytes during training or competition. This is particularly beneficial to runners that don't want to carry heavy water bottles or sports drinks - they just eat their gels and get water along the way on the course. If you play a court sport or a field sport where your nutrition is on the sidelines and weight isn't a concern then you can still use gels, but you can use a drink instead - it becomes a question of personal preference. Many of these athletes still prefer gels because they are so convenient.

When to Use e-Fuel
e-Fuel provides the perfect balance of energy, electrolytes AND hydration, all in one product. If you are using e-Fuel then there is no need to use other products - just drink 16 to 32 ounces of e-Fuel per hour depending on intensity, heat and humidity. e-Fuel is commonly used by cyclists, court and field sport athletes and just about any other athlete that isn't concerned with the weight of a sports drink. Note: if you are competing in ultra events that last 12 to 24 hours or longer then you will likely need to incorporate protein based products into your nutrition plan as well.

Using e-Gel and e-Fuel Together
One of the most common questions we receive is if you can use e-Gel and e-Fuel together. The answer is that you CAN, but you will also want to incorporate some plain water into your nutrition plan. e-Gel (and all energy gels) are designed to be rapidly absorbed through osmosis. In order for the osmosis process to occur the fluids in your gut (the gel and what ever else you have consumed) have to be diluted down to an equal or lower concentration than your body fluids. e-Fuel and other good sports drinks are already the concentration of your body fluids (isotonic) so you need water to properly dilute the gel. When each pack of e-Gel is absorbed it will carry about 14 ounces of water along with it into your cellular system. If you are using e-Gel and e-Fuel (or any energy gel with any sports energy drink) and no water then you may end up with a solution in your gut that is too concentrated which will slow the absorption rate, delay the benefits of the product and possibly start to cause sloshing in your stomach and/or gastrointestinal discomfort. So if you want to use both products together we recommend that you plan on consuming a sports bottle of plain water for every two gel packs. Obviously you don't have to drink the entire bottle at once, what's important is to maintain the proper ratio of gel to water over time. You can then use gels and water early then switch to e-Fuel, or the other way around. Or you can alternate between e-Fuel and e-Gel/water. Either way you will want to intake 16 to 32 ounces of fluids per hour depending on intensity, heat and humidity.

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