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Event:   Wineglass Marathon  
Year Competed:   2012


We were really surprised how much fun it was to run the half-marathon. The weather cooperated (no rain!) despite the predictions of % risk of rain changing hourly. The organizers worked hard to overcome the issues and bad reviews of the 2011 - so, double thumbs up for listening. On the festivities, I don't recommend inviting guest running celebrities (Joan Benoit Samuelson) and putting money there. Celebrities were not a factor that convinced me to register for the race. The promise of a small-town event, downhill route (yes!), beautiful medal and fall weather were enough. Instead of spending on celebrities, perhaps giving money back to the volunteers and towns who came out or to selected local charities will get me to sign-up again! I bought a $20 bottle of honey to help Dave support disabled sports.
Mitsy CJ
Washington, District of Columbia


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