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Tucson Marathon

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Marathon, Half Marathon
Oracle, Arizona
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The Holualoa Tucson Marathon point-to-point course starts in the historic town of Oracle north of Tucson and runs on paved roads along the beautiful Santa Catalina mountain range finishing in Tucson, AZ just off of E. Wilds Road. This is primarily a downhill marathon with some hills around mile 2 and mile 10.


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Marathon Race Day Tips

Once you have put in your mileage and properly trained, hopefully you will be ready to turn in that PR on race day (or be a first time finisher). Here are some tips that should help you on race day.
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Plantar Fasciitis

Experienced as heel pain when you take your first steps after getting out of bed or after sitting for a long period of time, plantar fasciitis is a running injury most frequently caused by an abnormal motion of the foot or too-tight calf muscles.
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How to Avoid The Porta Potty During a Race

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Recent Review: Although the course is billed as a fast downhill course, there are a few steep hills early in the race and some real time-killing hills between miles 11 and 13, and a significant uphill between miles 22 and 23. I understand that for 2011 the Biosphere portion of the course had been changed. The course is extremely boring between miles 14 and 20 as you run along the shoulder of the highway. Between miles 20 and 24 the course has a very slight downhill gradient.
Fred Winkler
Victorville, California
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Year: 2012     Participation


598 men competed in the 2012 Tucson Marathon 598 (56.9%)
    Total finishers: 1,051


453 women competed in the 2012 Tucson Marathon 453 (43.1%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Gary Krugger   Marathon Men 2:32:02 5:48  10.34 mph 
 Heather Utrata   Marathon Women 2:41:36 6:10  9.73 mph 
Complete 2012 Results (All Races)
Year: 2009     Participation


726 men competed in the 2009 Tucson Marathon 726 (58.3%)
    Total finishers: 1,246


520 women competed in the 2009 Tucson Marathon 520 (41.7%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Martin Rindahl   Marathon Men 2:41:26 6:10  9.74 mph 
 Polly Campbell   Marathon Women 2:53:58 6:38  9.04 mph 
 Martin Rindahl   Marathon Masters Men 2:41:26 6:10  9.74 mph 
 Polly Campbell   Marathon  Masters Women  2:53:58 6:38  9.04 mph 
Complete 2009 Results (All Races)
Year: 2006     Participation


706 men competed in the 2006 Tucson Marathon 706 (61.3%)
    Total finishers: 1,152


446 women competed in the 2006 Tucson Marathon 446 (38.7%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Eric Blake   Marathon Men 2:26:44 5:36  10.71 mph 
 Katie Blackett   Marathon Women 2:59:29 6:51  8.76 mph 
 Leonard Vergunst   Marathon Masters Men 2:46:30 6:21  9.44 mph 
 Sue Zihlmann   Marathon  Masters Women  3:06:12 7:06  8.44 mph 
Complete 2006 Results (All Races)
Year: 2005     Participation


674 men competed in the 2005 Tucson Marathon 674 (64.2%)
    Total finishers: 1,050


376 women competed in the 2005 Tucson Marathon 376 (35.8%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Michael Digennaro   Marathon Men 2:28:16 5:40  10.6 mph 
 Lauren Burawski   Marathon Women 2:53:03 6:36  9.08 mph 
 Bentino Gonzaliz   Marathon Masters Men 2:48:31 6:26  9.33 mph 
 Julia Cassidy   Marathon  Masters Women  3:04:43 7:03  8.51 mph 
Complete 2005 Results (All Races)
Year: 2004     Participation


653 men competed in the 2004 Tucson Marathon 653 (64.9%)
    Total finishers: 1,006


353 women competed in the 2004 Tucson Marathon 353 (35.1%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Soro Bassirima   Marathon Men 2:22:21 5:26  11.04 mph 
 Suzy Schumacher   Marathon Women 2:57:13 6:46  8.87 mph 
 Benito Gonzales   Marathon Masters Men 2:38:48 6:04  9.9 mph 
 Allison Le Compte   Marathon  Masters Women  3:01:11 6:55  8.68 mph 
Complete 2004 Results (All Races)
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Clubs and Groups
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 Arizona Elite  Scottsdale AZ club info
 Arizona Flames Track Club  Chandler AZ club info
 Arizona Panthers Track & Field Club  Peoria AZ club info
 Arizona Puma Track Club  Glendale AZ club info
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 Arizona Track Club  Phoenix AZ club info
 Arizona Track N' Trail Runners  Gilbert AZ club info
 Arizona Weekend Warriors  Chandler AZ club info
 AZTECH Training & Racing Club  Phoenix AZ club info
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 Fleet Feet Tucson  Oro Valley AZ 22.3 Miles store info
 Fleet Feet Tucson  Tucson AZ 23.8 Miles store info
 Racquet Shack  Tucson AZ 26.8 Miles store info
 Performance Foot Wear Tucson  Tucson AZ 28.1 Miles store info
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