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Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

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May 7, 2017 (Sunday)
Cincinnati, Ohio
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The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon has been named one of the most fun marathons and one of the top ten first-time marathons in the country. Welcoming athletes of all running abilities, this is a race where you can find personal reward.

Beyond the race itself there is a full weekend of activities and events for the whole family to enjoy. Greater Cincinnati welcomes you with the best hospitality it has to offer. In its October 1999 issue, Cincinnati Magazine pronounced the marathon "The best of the best", a "keeper".

Over 25 support stations and entertainment all along the course make the Flying Pig Marathon one of the premier marathons in the country.

Race organizers possess the experience and the passion needed to have Runners World magazine refer to the Flying Pig as a "text book case on how to organize a major marathon."

Come fly in Cincinnati. For more information at any time, please call (513) 721-PIGS (7447).

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   2007 Flying Pig Marathon

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   2008 Flying Pig Marathon

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Recent Review: I enjoy this race so much. I've been running it so far about 6 years. I look forward to the poster every year, but I was a bit disappionted with the poster this year. Why not do an aerial view of the city with a pig flying over?
Jasmin Ratliff
Oakwood, Virginia
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Year: 2011     Participation


2500 men competed in the 2011 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2,500 (58.5%)
    Total finishers: 4,276


1776 women competed in the 2011 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 1,776 (41.5%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Kieran O’Connor   Marathon Men 2:28:02 5:39  10.62 mph 
 Amy McDonaugh   Marathon Women 2:58:14 6:48  8.82 mph 
 Jerry Bricking   Marathon Masters Men 2:51:43 6:33  9.15 mph 
 Anita Le   Marathon  Masters Women  3:08:29 7:12  8.34 mph 
Complete 2011 Results (All Races)
Year: 2007     Participation


2408 men competed in the 2007 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2,408 (60.0%)
    Total finishers: 4,016


1608 women competed in the 2007 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 1,608 (40.0%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Isaac Barnes   Marathon Men 2:33:36 5:52  10.23 mph 
 Leah Peelman   Marathon Women 2:55:56 6:43  8.94 mph 
 Andy Jones   Marathon Masters Men 2:47:49 6:24  9.37 mph 
 Lynn Mooney   Marathon  Masters Women  3:12:34 7:21  8.16 mph 
Complete 2007 Results (All Races)
Year: 2006     Participation


2461 men competed in the 2006 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2,461 (59.0%)
    Total finishers: 4,172


1711 women competed in the 2006 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 1,711 (41.0%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Cecil Franke   Marathon Men 2:20:26 5:22  11.19 mph 
 Norah Shire   Marathon Women 2:56:21 6:44  8.91 mph 
 David Meyer   Marathon Masters Men 2:44:43 6:17  9.54 mph 
 Lisa Veneziano   Marathon  Masters Women  3:10:36 7:16  8.25 mph 
Complete 2006 Results (All Races)
Year: 2005     Participation


2274 men competed in the 2005 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2,274 (60.8%)
    Total finishers: 3,741


1467 women competed in the 2005 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 1,467 (39.2%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Tim Rieger II   Marathon Men 2:30:24 5:44  10.45 mph 
 Alison Bedingfield   Marathon Women 3:03:40 7:01  8.56 mph 
 Mark Koors   Marathon Masters Men 2:46:19 6:21  9.45 mph 
 Sabine Kane   Marathon  Masters Women  3:20:44 7:40  7.83 mph 
Complete 2005 Results (All Races)
Year: 2004     Participation


2469 men competed in the 2004 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 2,469 (56.8%)
    Total finishers: 4,348


1879 women competed in the 2004 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon 1,879 (43.2%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Thomas Lentz   Marathon Men 2:38:07 6:02  9.94 mph 
 PJ Ball   Marathon Women 3:05:52 7:06  8.46 mph 
 Mark Koors   Marathon Masters Men 2:45:53 6:20  9.48 mph 
 Diane Burgin   Marathon  Masters Women  3:18:57 7:36  7.9 mph 
Complete 2004 Results (All Races)
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