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Country Music Nashville Marathon

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Marathon, Half Marathon
Nashville, Tennessee
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Newly designed flatter and faster course. Fifty bands will play live on 27 entertainment stages, with hundreds of high school cheerleaders and thousands of spectators along the scenic course. Jazz, country, rock ‘n’ roll, swing and more will pulsate the course and get you to the finish line where more music and entertainment awaits. Post-race, all participants and guests are invited to the concert in downtown Nashville’s Gaylord Entertainment Center. Past performers have included Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Jo Dee Messina and Diamond Rio.
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   2007 Country Music Marathon

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   2006 Country Music Marathon

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Plantar Fasciitis

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Year: 2012     Participation


2125 men competed in the 2012 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,125 (54.1%)
    Total finishers: 3,925


1800 women competed in the 2012 Country Music Nashville Marathon 1,800 (45.9%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Ryan James   Marathon Men 2:32:47 5:50  10.29 mph 
 Erin Sutton   Marathon Women 2:54:16 6:39  9.02 mph 
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Year: 2011     Participation


2249 men competed in the 2011 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,249 (55.1%)
    Total finishers: 4,082


1833 women competed in the 2011 Country Music Nashville Marathon 1,833 (44.9%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 David Kellum   Marathon Men 2:17:40 5:15  11.42 mph 
 Ruby Milena Riativa   Marathon Women 2:49:59 6:29  9.25 mph 
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Year: 2007     Participation


2667 men competed in the 2007 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,667 (55.8%)
    Total finishers: 4,778


2111 women competed in the 2007 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,111 (44.2%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Duane Morrow   Marathon Men 2:22:07 5:25  11.06 mph 
 Olena Shurkhno   Marathon Women 2:37:52 6:02  9.96 mph 
 Rick Thigpen   Marathon Masters Men 2:54:16 6:39  9.02 mph 
 Victoria Crisp   Marathon  Masters Women  3:17:18 7:32  7.97 mph 
Complete 2007 Results (All Races)
Year: 2006     Participation


2217 men competed in the 2006 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,217 (55.4%)
    Total finishers: 4,005


1788 women competed in the 2006 Country Music Nashville Marathon 1,788 (44.6%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Feyisa Tusse    Marathon Men 2:15:06 5:09  11.64 mph 
 Tatiana Mironova    Marathon Women 2:36:51 5:59  10.02 mph 
 Janusz Akuma    Marathon Masters Men 2:39:54 6:06  9.83 mph 
 Bethany Heslam    Marathon  Masters Women  3:26:32 7:53  7.61 mph 
Complete 2006 Results (All Races)
Year: 2005     Participation


2187 men competed in the 2005 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,187 (59.3%)
    Total finishers: 3,689


1502 women competed in the 2005 Country Music Nashville Marathon 1,502 (40.7%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Nephat Kinyanjui   Marathon Men 2:15:38 5:11  11.59 mph 
 Irina Safarova   Marathon Women 2:33:53 5:52  10.22 mph 
 Lance Winders   Marathon Masters Men 2:34:19 5:53  10.19 mph 
 Victoria Crisp   Marathon  Masters Women  3:14:03 7:24  8.1 mph 
Complete 2005 Results (All Races)
Year: 2004     Participation


2400 men competed in the 2004 Country Music Nashville Marathon 2,400 (59.5%)
    Total finishers: 4,033


1633 women competed in the 2004 Country Music Nashville Marathon 1,633 (40.5%)
 Winner Race Division  Time  Pace Speed
 Kibet, Luke   Marathon Men 2:14:11 5:07  11.72 mph 
 Catuna, Anuta    Marathon Women 2:33:36 5:52  10.23 mph 
 Thompson, Michael   Marathon Masters Men 2:41:47 6:10  9.72 mph 
 Sultanova, Firaya   Marathon  Masters Women  2:35:56 5:57  10.08 mph 
Complete 2004 Results (All Races)
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Clubs and Groups
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 Club or Team Name   City  State   More Info 
 Continental T-Belle Track Club  Nashville TN club info
 Music City Track Club  Nashville TN club info
 Nashville Illusions Track Club  Nashville TN club info
 Nashville Striders, Inc.  Nashville TN club info Racing Team  Nashville TN club info
 Tennessee Tyrants  Nashville TN club info
 Track Nashville  Nashville TN club info
 Trial By Fire Youth Track & Field Club  Nashville TN club info
 Underground Railroad Track Club  Nashville TN club info
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 Team Nashville  Nashville TN 3.2 Miles store info
 Athletes House  Nashville TN 3.7 Miles store info
 The Athletes House  Nashville TN 3.7 Miles store info
 Fleet Feet  Brentwood TN 9.9 Miles store info
 R3 Running Racing Relaxing  Clarksville TN 39.4 Miles store info
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