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Viewing your event confirmation   How do I list my event on Race360?
Questions about an event listed on Race360   I do I set up on-line registration services
Questions about an club listed on Race360   How do I advertise on Race360?
Password Help   How do I make changes to my event on Race360?
How to change your e-mail or password   Password Help
How to sign into a different account   How to change your e-mail or password
How to register more than one person for an event    


    How do I list my event on Race360?
Race360 allows you to publish your event for free. If you don't already have an account you will be prompted to set one up (also free):
>> Free Publishing Tool

For complete information on all of the things you can do as a race director on Race360, please refer to our event services guide:

>> Event Services Guide


I have a question about a specific event or club
Race360 has listings of more than 7,000 events and 5,000 teams and clubs and we recommend that you contact the event (or club) directly with your question to ensure that you get the correct information. On each event or club page there is a "go to event web site" button near the top of the page that should take you to the web site that will have additional information and contact information.


I want Race360 to provide on-line registration services for my event
Excellent choice! Race360 offers a registration and marketing platform that is second to none and guaranteed to grow your event. We'll even set up everything and there is no cost to you. For complete information go to:
>> Online Registration Services


How do I advertise on Race360?
Race360 has a variety of advertising options including featured placement, banners and direct e-mail opportunities that allow you to laser focus your advertising by sport and geographic region or to race directors, teams or clubs.
>> Advertising Information


How do I make changes to an existing event on Race360?
We allow event directors and their staff to completely manage and maintain all information related to their events on Race360 with our easy to use management tools.

If you are already authorized to manage events they will be listed here (must be signed in to your account):
>> Management Tools

If you need to be given administrative access to an event, please submit a PIN request so that we can verify that you are associated with the event. There is a PIN Request form at the bottom of every event page, or you can look up your event here:
>> PIN Request Lookup Tool


I registered for an event on Race360, how do I view my confirmation?

>> Event Confirmation


How do I sign in to a different account?

>> Member Sign In


How do I change my password, email address or other account information?
You will be prompted to sign into your account if necessary:
>> Update My Profile


How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from Race360 email newsletters?
>> Subscribe / Unsubscribe


I forgot my Password

>> Password Recovery Tool


How to I register more than one person for an event
Due to the legal requirements of the liability waivers that must be agreed to by ever person completing in an event, each registration must be completed individually. Registration services that allow multiple athletes on one registration do not have valid waivers for all athletes. The events that work with Race360.com require this method to ensure that all waivers are valid.

What about the processing fee?
Approximately 50% of the processing fee charged by Race360.com goes directly to the credit card company (Visa, Mastercard and AMEX) and is based on the amount of the registration fees. The remaining portion is used to pay for the services that we offer to the event and all participants (registration processing, customer service, registration changes, list management for timing services, etc.). If we were to allow multiple athletes to sign up on a single registration the processing fee would go up accordingly so there would be no financial savings to the athlete.

Registering Multiple Athletes is Easy
Once you register yourself you can easily register additional friends or family members, all under the same e-mail address. The system assumes the same address, phone, etc. (you can change if necessary), so you just have to enter tee shirt size and other athlete specific information thus making additional registrations quick and easy.
   I still have an unanswered question

>> Open a Customer Support Request




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