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Type: Triathlon Club
Members: 200
Raleigh, NC
(919) 656-1138
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Mission Statement To serve triathletes and endurance athletes of all abilities by providing support, education and events to encourage and promote triathlon and endurance sports as a healthy lifestyle, and to encourage contact with other athletes within the triathlon and endurance sports community as a whole. Who We Are Inside Out Sports Triathlon Club serves to support all levels of triathletes by offering organized training and workout sessions, clinics and seminars, social activities, and more. Our club members reside primarily in the Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC metro areas. Our membersí experience level ranges from beginners to elite athletes. Weekly Workouts The Club typically holds workouts several days of the week from all three Inside Out Sports locations in Raleigh, Cary, and Charlotte. These workouts are open to all members and guests and at all levels experience. Training Clinics and Seminars During the year, the Club offers multi-sport clinics and seminars for athletes of all levels. Our clinics and seminars are conducted by top local professional trainers and coaches. Topics include Ironman training & coaching programs, beginner training ,such as a transition and bike handling skills clinics, bike maintenance courses, open water swim training, run form and gait analysis clinic, cyclocross skills, and more. Social Events Club social activities include monthly happy hours at various locations, club socials after training workouts, clinics, and seminars, cookouts at races, and an annual summer and Christmas Party. Rewardtivity Rewardtivity is the Clubís reward points program for members. By participating in club activities, such as workouts, socials, and clinics, and racing at various venues, members earn points toward free club branded apparel and accessories. The more you participate, the more free stuff you earn! Discounts The Inside Out Sports Triathlon Club has negotiated discounts from a growing list of sponsors. Discounts are available on race entry fees, massage and acupuncture therapy, training and coaching from professional coaches and trainers, and more. Donít forget about the great gear discounts at all Inside Out Sports locations, available to Club members only! And More... The Club also offers a monthly newsletter, club branded apparel, a club training and race calendar hosted by RaceReach, club website and Facebook page, bike training routes, raffle prizes, and more.

Upcoming Events
Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming North Carolina. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
6/1/19 Spartan Race Fayetteville Super and Sprint 2019 North Carolina
Spring Lake
3 Miles
8 Miles
7/26/19 Greensboro Distilling Speakeasy 5k North Carolina
3.1 Miles
7/27/19 Spartan Race Asheville Super and Sprint 2019 North Carolina
Black Mountain
5 K
7/27/19 Mission Man Triathlon North Carolina
7/28/19 Spartan Race Asheville Trail 10k 2019 North Carolina
Black Mountain
10 K
7/28/19 Spartan Race Asheville Super and Sprint 2019 North Carolina
Black Mountain
5 K
8/10/19 High Point Triathlon North Carolina
high point
8/24/19 2019 Night Nation Run Raleigh North Carolina
Road 1 K
9/15/19 TriTown Olympic Distance Triathlon North Carolina
Browns Summit
10/6/19 Growler Gallop 10K and 5K North Carolina
3.1 Miles
6.2 Miles
4/4/20 Spartan Race Charlotte Sprint 2020 North Carolina
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