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Type: Triathlon Club
Austin, TX
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Our mission at Rogue Training Systems is to create an authentic community of athletes discovering a running path to physical, mental & spiritual potential.

Create: to form, mold, foster

Authentic: open, honest, committed, responsible, genuine

Community: a caring, nurturing, supportive, encouraging group of people

Athletes: a person who chooses to participate in a Rogue program, a contestant, one with willingness to acquire a trait, one committed to an active goal or lifestyle, one committed to acquiring the fitness to compete, any person who chooses to participate regardless of talent ability or fitness level.

(Running: to move so that both feel leave the ground during each stride, anything more than walking.)

Discovering: To notice or learn, especially by making an effort, to learn something about, to come to an awareness, to bring to light something forgotten or hidden

Path: the way you live, a lifestyle, the direction in which you are headed, the process, the doing, what builds the authentic community

Physical: relating to the body

Spiritual: affecting the soul, emotional

Mental: the mind, having to do with the brain

Potential: possibility and capability of doing your best, development, the ability to grow

Upcoming Events
Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming Texas. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
4/1/19 Tri-For-Fun! Texas
Youth Tri
4/20/19 Fiesta Especial 5K and Parade Texas
City of Windcrest
1 Mile
5 K
4/20/19 The Peticolas Velvet Hammer 5K Texas
3 Miles
4/28/19 Divas Half Marathon and 5k Series in Galveston Island Texas
5 K
Half Marathon
5/26/19 American Hero 25k Relay National Championship Texas
San Antonio
.5 K
5 K
25 K
25 K
8/1/19 Dare to Ascend Trail Run Texas
10/5/19 Buffalo Stampede Half Marathon and 5K Texas
5 K
Half Marathon
11/1/19 Marathoning for Miracles Texas
5 K
Half Marathon
11/23/19 Chosen Half Marathon, 5K and Kid Fun Run Texas
New Braunfels
5 K
Half Marathon
11/28/19 Plano Turkey Trot 5K Texas
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