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Type: Triathlon Club
Grandville, MI
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We are a new women’s multi-sport club in the West Michigan Community. We are a group of women who compete in all levels of triathlon, swimming, cycling and running. Some of us are beginners while others have quite a few years of racing experience.

Our mission is to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle in the community, specifically among women and children. We will encourage and motivate each other to train and compete in area races while creating a supportive and fun atmosphere.

Our goals are to:
•Set a positive example of healthy living and lifestyles for other women and children in the community.
•Be supportive of one another, coach one another and motivate one another to improve and excel in our multi-sport activities.
•Volunteer at various races in our area.
•Host the Trek Breast Cancer Awareness ride to raise awareness for breast cancer research, treatment and prevention.
•Portray a positive example of sportsmanship at races.
•Promote our sponsors through advertisement on our jerseys, website and thru word of mouth in the community and amongst other multi-sport athletes.

Upcoming Events
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Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
10/27/18 Carpe Diem and Carpe Noctem Half Marathon and 5 Miler Michigan
5 Miles
Half Marathon
11/4/18 Detroit Hot Cider Hustle 5k and 15k Michigan
Harrison Township
5 K
15 K
11/10/18 Grand Rapids Hot Cider Hustle 5K Michigan
5 K
11/23/18 Black Toenail Friday Half Marathon and 7.5 Miler Michigan
Commerce Charter Township
7.5 Miles
Half Marathon
11/24/18 Detroit Hungry Turkey 5k Michigan
Royal Oak
5 K
8/5/19 TRI - Bavaria Michigan
Half Iron Distance
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