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Type: Triathlon Club
Members: 20
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Alabama Triathletes is a sport club whose goal is to introduce the student population at The University of Alabama to the sport of triathlon. Triathlon is a sport that includes swimming, cycling, and running combined in one event. Members of Alabama Triathletes not only train and compete in triathlons, but also open running, cycling, and swimming competitions. In addition, members may also train and compete in duathlons (run and cycle), aquabikes (swim and cycle), or any combination of multi-sport events. Alabama Triathletes is a USA Triathlon (USAT) registered club.

Alabama Triathletes are a group of highly motivated individuals who feel that triathlon is a sport for everyone. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some members come from high school swimming, track, or cross country programs who want to keep their level of fitness and are looking to fulfill their need for competition. Other members have no background in swimming, cycling, and running but are willing to accept the challenge of learning and training for triathlons. Current members include individuals ranging from those who have never competed in a triathlon to those who have completed 30+ triathlons and multi-sport events varying from sprint to iron distances.

Alabama Triathletes competes in the USAT SECTC (South Eastern Collegiate Triathlon Conference). This conference includes all universities in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and the Florida Pan-handle.

Upcoming Events
Below is a partial list of some of the upcoming Alabama. To find additional events or publish new events use the links below the table.
Date  Event Name Location Event / Distances
5/4/19 Spring Krusher Alabama
Road 31 Miles
Road 64 Miles
Road 104 Miles
5/19/19 Cheaha Challenge and ULTRA Alabama
Road 24 Miles
Road 44 Miles
Road 62 Miles
Road 84 Miles
Road 100 Miles
Road 124 Miles
6/1/19 TriStates 100 Alabama
Road 30 Miles
Road 41 Miles
Road 69 Miles
Road 101 Miles
7/20/19 W.C. Handy 3 State Bike Ride Alabama
Road 21 Miles
Road 40 Miles
Road 61 Miles
Road 75 Miles
Road 100 Miles
Road 107 Miles
9/7/19 Johnny Ray Century Alabama
Road 20 Miles
Road 34 Miles
Road 63 Miles
Road 105 Miles
9/21/19 All You Can Eat Century Alabama
Road 34 Miles
Road 50 Miles
Road 67 Miles
Road 100 Miles
9/28/19 Birmingham Bicycle Clubs 46th Annual Century Alabama
Road 27 Miles
Road 62 Miles
Road 100 Miles
10/12/19 Glassner Autumn Challenge Alabama
Road 5 Miles
Road 30 Miles
Road 55 Miles
Road 64 Miles
Road 103 Miles
Road 124 Miles
11/9/19 Gears and Beers: Bayou 100 Alabama
Road 10 Miles
Road 30 Miles
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