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The Running Jackalope
Trying to find the profundity in the mundane. And hoping it doesn't hurt as much as I know it will.  

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November 4 2011
How to prepare for an Ultra Marathon . . kinda

So in the midst of knocking out a 2500 word mid-term on terrorism this week, I went and decided to sign up for a local 50k.

Isn't that what everyone does to prepare for their first Ultra marathon?

Truth be told, 31 or so miles was on the calendar (actually, more truth be told, that was last weekend, but you know how I am with training schedules), so running an actual race seemed like a nice change of pace.  After all, you really don't have to do much in the way of supporting yourself (although you need to be prepared to do so) and it seems like a nice opportunity to dial in some tactics for the North Face Endurance Challenge 50-miler.

So I contacted the race director of the Almaden Hills run in San Jose, who happens to be a huge supporter of the military (15% percent discount ) and he told me to just come on out and we'd settle up later.

Alrighty then, let's do this.

Then it occurred to me that this would technically be my first Ultra.  I suppose if you really wanted to get technical, my first distance over 26.2 miles.  Huh, whaddya know?  I've honestly felt strong enough the past few weeks to push well past that, but have erred on the side of caution for one reason or another.

Not anymore!  Tomorrow I run 31 miles.

Now it's time to get my equipment list together.

So with some of my "Birthday Amazon Cheddar" I decided to get one of these babies:

The Nathan 2L Hydration Vest

I've also got the hydration belt, and I've tried handhelds before, but I really think I'm a vest/backpack kinda guy.  And after my experience on Sunday with my POS old-school hydration pack which could only be described as a big bowl of suck, I was ready to give this thing a shot.

Initial 6 mile test-run would lead me to believe that I am really going to like this thing.  It doesn't jostle, is incredibly light and just seems intelligently designed.

I'll get back to you with how it performs during the race.

I also decided to do a bit of a Mini-taper this week in preparation for  Saturday.


Mon: No running, but almost no soreness from 24 the day before

Tues: No Running, I had a paper to write

Wed:  5 miles with the dog, he was driving me nuts

Thursday: 6 mile hill route, probably should have done this Wed. but I wanted to test out the new vest :-)

Friday:  Finished my paper, drank two cups of coffee, and watched a video about this jackass


Prior to this I've been averaging about 50 or so miles a week with lots of speed and hills and one long run (at least) per week.


Shoes: NB MT101

Hydration: The Nathan Vest, thanks for paying attention

Nutrition:  I don't know, I need to see what's in the pantry.  I'll probably stop at a 7 eleven on the way.

Tactics:  I just told you I don't know what I'm eating, do you really think I've thought this far?  Please stop being so pushy.

In other news, I was mentioned on the BUFF, INC blog for my thought provoking and summarily uninformative review of the doohicky I now wear on my head to keep from going blind.  So if you would like to be an RJ allstar, please give 'em a click and retweet them.

In the mean time, I'm going to go figure out how many snacks will fit in this vest and hope that I don't die tomorrow.



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