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Running with a Bottle of Wine

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October 15 2011
Pre Race Jitters

Tomorrow is my last race of the season, Atlantic Coast Triathlon - and the first race for me on the east coast.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the Atlantic Ocean.  The gulf is no biggie - maybe you'll see some fish, some rays and a few jelly fish, but nothing huge.  But the Atlantic, you can get bumped by strange objects in the murky water.  Thankfully, I'm in the 3rd wave, so hopefully I'll just get bumped by random people! 

So this is another solo race for me.  Big J is having a 'man camping' weekend and no one else from PCB is racing.  But I do have several of my awesome east coast friends who will be here. 
Remember the raw food parties that I attend when I'm traveling in Jacksonville?  Well, the wonderful Chef, Doris, met up with me for check in today.  This is her first race since April due to an injury - so she is fresh and ready to rock out this 70.3!
Doris prepping her bike
 The princess is ready to go
The girls are ready for the bike party

So I'm lounging in this huge hotel room (thanks Hilton for the gold card upgrade!) Getting my normal pre race nerves.  Did I train enough?  Do I have all of my nutrition?  Water bottles in the freezer? Gear bag packed?  You know, the normal jitters.  But to be honest - I know I've slacked in my swimming the past few months, so I'm not looking at a stellar swim (unless I get bumped by random sea life).  But the bike course is fast and flat and the run course is flat and shady.  Did I mention that it's not going to be hot and humid either?   So hopefully I'll fair with a good time! 

For those of you doing Ironman Florida - per my gulf swim yesterday - all of the jelly fish are gone.  For now :)  I'll try my best to keep them way for the next three weeks!! 

Happy Training!! 



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